Resolving even deepest patterns is possible

von 2b am 30. August 2009

I know, most people even cannot imagine, that they could resolve life-disturbing items from their deepest inner structure. Patterns, that unfortunately belong to them since they can remember. I talk about patterns, which psychotherapy normally even doesn’t touch. 

But, when I see poeple going through a structural change – which means: the deepest structure is going to free itself from dark, painful, disfunctional characteristics – the results are just unbelievable, fantastic! May be not allways spectacular (‚cause occuring very slow, step by step), but allways s t r o n g … And, of course, unexpected! (Yes: If we expect them, they cannot occur! Because this would be a completely wrong deal with our deepest self).

I have to admit, that, so far, many lack the courage of being ready to constantly face truth, what – concerning our unfinished business from the deepest inner structure! – just means facing hell. „If you think or imagine the bad, you will attract it!“ (In German we say: «Don’t paint the devil on the wall!»). This bullshit myth is still very common and prevents us from solutions on the most important primary level.
Okay, I also have to admit, that It’s not fun. But the results show: It’s worth to assume the challenge. By far!



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